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floral hair piece for special occasions

Elizabeth John


Always yes to flowers for hair piece! Here is a look I am trying for a friend's wedding. Inspired by my aunts and relatives, memories from my small wonder days. They'd wear these jasmine flower mini garlands around their hair buns for events, weddings, or during summer vacations relaxing by the canal. The color green and white – so simple and elegant, worked well with any of their outfits. I found hymenocallis, quite a name for these flowers from our rooftop and quickly plucked a handful of them. I used hair pins to pin each bloom in and around my hair bun with the help of mirror. I also used a craft wire to sew through the 'pipe' like stem part for some of the flowers, and then clipped them to the bun with hair pin. I paired these beautiful blooms with my Fame and Partner simple black dress. The flowers on my hair really made this outfit special and I am ready for the wedding. 

Give it a try!